Dance of the dead

Luca Fiore coaches his extras on how to act more zombie-like

The approach itself seemed like the beginning of many nightmares.  The road to the farm suddenly ends and the only way to proceed is to travel of a dirt path surrounded by trees and wire fencing.  The sense of claustrophobia is overwhelming.  If a zombie music video is going to be shot, there is no better place than this farm.

That’s exactly what was happening this Sunday afternoon at the Riverglen farm. The Love Machine was there shooting their latest music video “Make Believe”. 

The concept for this video came from a collaboration between the band and the director, Luca Fiore.

“I can honestly say that as much as I was writing it, the band was also involved with the creative process as well,” said Fiore.

Jazz hands are the dance of the deadThis is the second collaboration between the band and Fiore.  This time out, Fiore decided to incorporate cameos from his previous videos.  The most notable is Olexandra Pruchnicky who played a murder victim at the hands of the band in their previous video.  In this video, she’s wearing the same blood stained shirt that she received from the previous video.

“Yeah, it’s a little bit of revenge,” said Fiore.

The scene they filmed involved zombies coming through the barn door after our protagonists. Filming the scene proved to be more dangerous for the crew when one of the actors threw his axe aside which missed the leg of the director by inches.

Despite that near injury, the crew continued their work.  However, to make sure the video didn’t stray too far from established zombie mythology, the crew consulted with the Kevin Preece. He’s a local zombie expert who calls himself the Zombie King.  His expertise especially came in handy when it came to dealing with the livestock on the farm.  Preece corrected a mistaken belief that the zombies would leave them alone.  As a result, the crew avoided any interaction with their animal neighbours.

The blood and sweat put into this shoot should make for another interesting video for The Love Machine.  Which is just as well since the zombies will leave nothing else behind.

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Cant wait to see the finished video!!

May 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKhrystyne

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