What Will the Wonder Geeks Unleash?

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The sheer breadth of creativity Ottawa has is amazing.  The city has no shortage of graphic artists, musicians and dancers of every sort.  Though, it’s not often that artists are seen expressing their nerdy side.  That changes February 25th when Wonder Geeks Activate has its first show at Zaphod’s.

The brains behind the show, Adam Tupper, seems to have been made for this show.  Growing up in the 80s, a lot of his work is heavily influenced by the cartoons coming out of that era. He-Man, the Ninja Turtles and others feature prominently in his work, albeit with a dark twist.

So when another art show departed from the Ottawa scene he had to get into action. He had always wanted to hold an art show where artists could geek out.  When he began mentioning the idea to all the local artists he’s met at conventions, the reaction was swift.

“The Tetris blocks just started falling into place,” Tupper said.

Artists have eagerly jumped on board.  Show goers will find everyone from comic creators like Mirror Comics to what Tupper calls a geeky burlesque show.  He’s especially excited to have DJ Lowpass provide music for the show.

“I have never ever gone to a bar and heard the Mario theme done in a techno style and you will hear that at my show,” Tupper said.

Adam Tupper, up up and away!Tupper explains that show goers will hear everything from 8-bit songs to nerdcore. Along with lots and lots of Daft Punk.  Though, unlike other music gigs, DJ Lowpass is actively looking for suggestions through the night.  So if there is a particularly nerdy song you want to hear, feel free to let him know.

That sort of relaxed attitude towards music will extend to other areas of the show.  Tupper explains that he wants the show to feel more like a house party than a typical art show.  So video games and anime will be all over the screens in Zaphod’s.  The idea is that, like in a house party, you may find a group of people off to the side having a game or watching Dragon Ball Z. 

So excited by the idea of a geek art show, Tupper has already set in motion further shows in the future each on a different theme.  There may be a geek burlesque show one month and an art show the next. He believes Ottawa is starved for this kind of show since it’s only really served by Ottawa Comic Con.

“There is a market here in Ottawa for this sort of thing,” said Tupper.

With the enthusiastic reaction he’s received from the art community, it’s easy to see why he thinks so.

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