Everyone Brought Their ‘A’ Game


February 2nd may have seemed to be a write off at first glance.  There was a fresh layer of snow.  It was cold and very grey. However, there were many reasons for being upbeat about the day.  Wiarton Willie did not see its shadow, giving us an early spring. It was Winterlude’s opening weekend.  The highlight for gamers, though, was the 6th Game Summit.

The winner of the Heroscape tournamet, Trong KhoiClose to 1000 people came through the doors of the Palais des Congrès for the convention.  Inside, free tables were at a premium.  Organizers were expecting that once the convention closed its doors the next day, close to 2000 people will have been there.

Part of that may have been due to the incorporation of the Geek Market to this year’s convention. Local artisans gathered together showing off their wares. Everything from steampunk watches to medieval inquisition kits was there for those looking to find something unique at the event.

At the other end, those looking for insight on bringing a game from a concept to tabletops everywhere could listen in on a talk from Jason Anarchy, the creator of Drinking Quest. The audience was treated to an informative and funny recap of his experiences bringing the game to market.  Quite a few in the audience seemed to be ready to run home and implement all the advice given.

One person who didn’t end up needing his advice, though, was in the main hall.  Last year Louis-Nicolas Dozois showed his new game Shake Out.  The day after the Game Summit convention, his game got picked up by a publisher. Since then, the game has been renamed to Roll n’ Bump. From there it’s ben nothing but success for him. He managed to get his game sold in major retailers across Quebec like Archambault. The morning of this year’s convention, he got news that his game will now be available at Miss Tiggy Winkles.  Turns out this convention is a great place to discover games before they get popular everywhere else.

New to the staple of giant games this year is Giant Catan!That was likely the biggest draw of the event.  Gamers were able to pick up and try any new game that caught their eye.  They could even enlist the help of the volunteers in explaining a new game.  Ashley Cabecinha, whose business card lists her as the Most Honourable Chairwoman of The Meeple’s Republic, was on hand to help anyone with a new game.

Her company holds events to help people socialize while learning a new game.

“We want people to understand why we like board games,” Cabecinha said.

For those that went, that summed up the day entirely.

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