Gamers Saving the Day

Justin Tessier and Carla de Ciccio, the duo behind E-Sports North. Photo courtesy Nyree Costello

The typical video game plot revolves around saving the world. The hero is meant to come in, save the day and brighten the world. This Saturday June 1st, gamers across Ottawa will be coming together to save the day and brighten the world for sick kids at the first ever Ottawa’s Got Game Tournament.

Held at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum, the tournament will bring together StarCraft and Call of Duty players from around the region to raise money for the Child’s Play Charity.

With all the attention that the Ottawa International Game Conference is bringing to game development in the city, Justin Tessier, one half of the E-Sports North duo putting on the tournament, saw an opportunity to leverage that attention to bring gamers together for the event.

From there it’s been a crazy rush putting everything together.  Building on the relationships that the team behind RocketOwl built when they tried something similar, they immediately got the museum on board with the event.  The fact that the Star Wars exhibit would be opening up this summer was a very happy coincidence for them.

Now, they’re just putting the final touches and coordinating those final details with their volunteers.  They’ve even managed to get sponsors ranging from Red Bull to

Along with the tournament there will be some non-competitive games for those not participating in the tournament. 

You can purchase tickets here.  For those wishing to donate toys and games directly, there will be a donation box set up.

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